A simple way to manage your mileage expenses

Automatically record your business mileage claims to save time and money.
Submit an accurate mileage claims in seconds, that’s 100% HMRC Compliant
We’ve taken away the hassle of mileage administration!

How It Works

Automate your mileage claims in seconds



We’ll send a preconfigured, plug-and- play GPS mileage tracker for all your vehicles



Our GPS mileage tracker automatically records and saves all your journeys to a private account



Review your mileage claim before sending it off for approval in just a click of a button!

Save valuable employee time

AutoTrip reduces mileage administration costs by saving valuable employee time

Mileage claims can be a hassle! Time spent collating, submitting and processing mileage claims adds up, with employees wasting hours of valuable time every month manually calculating business mileage. AutoTrip reduces this to just a few minutes, giving your employees more time to focus on the things that matter. Our GPS mileage tracker automatically records all your mileage, removing a time consuming manual process.

HMRC compliant - The Most Accurate Business Mileage Solution

Ensure HMRC compliance without the hassle

Eliminate tax risk with an accurate and compliant business mileage history

AutoTrip keeps an accurate digital record of all business mileage trips, giving searchable, granular detail of each. Take peace of mind from knowing you have one less area of concern in the event of a HMRC inspection with an accurate map of each journey you took and your total business mileage all recorded securely.

Ensure HMRC Compliance

AutoTrip automatically records a full and compliant trip log for every driver

The financial implications of inaccurate claims can be significant. In recent years, HMRC has stepped up its targeting of inaccurate mileage claims, reclaiming over-claimed amounts, in addition to handing out penalties. By maintaining an accurate mileage log, you save money on reclaims in the case of an HMRC inspection, easily showing that you’re 100% compliant and allowing you take advantage of the VAT entitlements. AutoTrip keeps an accurate digital record of trips claimed, giving searchable, granular detail of each.
Admin efficiency - automate business mileage claims with our GPS Mileage Tracker



AutoTrip’s GPS mileage tracker solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes, whether you are a sole trader looking to automate business mileage claims, or a manager looking to streamline your fleet management.

Businesses of all sizes - automate business mileage claims with our GPS Mileage Tracker

Our customers say

  • Steven Davies
    Steven Davies Temple West Accounting

    I like how easy it is to download detailed mileage reports straight into Excel, and it now takes me just 10 minutes to do my mileage claims each month.

  • Jane Brooks
    Jane Brooks Finance Manager

    The company now has accurate mileage reports that are fully HMRC compliant. I saves me and our drivers a huge amount of time!

  • David Jinks
    David Jinks Decorator

    Thanks to AutoTrip, I now claim my full mileage allowance where before I usually wouldn't bother. I'm amazed how much it adds up!

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