Software for Connected Movement™

1. Eliminating the pain
of business mileage expensing

How it works



We send preconfigured, plug-and-play devices for your vehicles.



Our device automatically records journeys, saving them safely to each driver’s personal online account.



Drivers confirm their trips as either business or personal and generate custom reports with one click.

Save valuable employee time

Reduce your mileage administration to just a few minutes a month

To manually track and log businesses mileage claims can take drivers and administrators hours each month. AutoTrip reduces that to just minutes, giving your employees more time to focus on the things that matter.
Admin efficiency

Streamline operational procedures

Streamlined processing for more robust, efficient administration

Autotrip’s mileage tracking system and cloud software platform ensures all business trips are captured accurately, helping to minimise claims made in error and giving your business a better understanding of employee travel requirements. It also ensures claims can be made and approved in a timely manner, helping to manage cash flow.
Streamlined mileage process

Ensure HMRC Compliance

Make trips demonstrable with a complete digital record

AutoTrip keeps an accurate digital record of trips claimed, giving searchable, granular detail of each. Take peace of mind from knowing you have one less area of concern in the event of an HMRC inspection with a map of each journey you took and your total mileage all recorded.
HMRC compliant

Suitable for businesses of all sizes

Great for everyone, from sole traders right through to large corporate fleets

AutoTrip’s mileage tracking solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes, whether you are a sole trader looking for one less thing to worry about or a manager looking to streamline your fleet operations.
Businesses of all sizes

A great user experience

Designed to make everyone’s day that bit easier

AutoTrip has been designed to be intuitive from first login; making managing mileage the easiest it has ever been.
Great user experience

Our customers say

  • Steven Davies
    Steven Davies Temple West Accounting

    I like how easy it is to download detailed mileage reports straight into Excel, and it now takes me just 10 minutes to do my mileage claims each month.

  • Jane Brooks
    Jane Brooks Finance Manager

    The company now has accurate mileage reports that are fully HMRC compliant. I saves me and our drivers a huge amount of time!

  • David Jinks
    David Jinks Decorator

    Thanks to AutoTrip, I now claim my full mileage allowance where before I usually wouldn't bother. I'm amazed how much it adds up!

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